Monday, October 15, 2012


I finally get a chance to post this! It's raining outside, I have nothing planned this afternoon, no after school activities, and best of all, dinner is cooking in the crock pot! Wish everyday would be like this! Life would be so much easier :)

So I made this cake a couple of weekends ago for a baby shower. This was so much fun to make! Simple, not too complicated.  I just love simple cakes :)

This picture is a bit overexposed.  I think I was getting lazy taking a picture! I didn't snap a lot at all, and this is the best one I got.

More bees! An Amy Atlas inspired bee.  When you get a chance, check out her book "Sweet Designs".  She has a whole chapter on beehive inspired party.
Wanna learn how to make this? Check out the picture below.  You can use modeling chocolate, fondant, or marzipan.  And you need some slivered almonds for the wings. But first, color/dye your "medium" with yellow and black.
Step 1: Roll your medium into "snakes", cut small pieces then roll into a ball.
Step 2:  Line up the balls, alternating black and yellow; beginning and ending with black. Taper the last black ball to look like the bee's stinger.
Step 3:  Push the balls together gently so they stick together, notice that the size gets smaller.
Step 4: Press in the slivered almonds in an angle. Pinch off 2 small pieces of the yellow medium, then roll into small balls and use as eyes.

This little bee can be made large and would be a fun little activity/project for the kiddos.  Just use playdough or if they want to keep it longer, use an air dry clay.  That way, they can paint it too.  Or if you're feeling really crafty, you may even use a salt dough :) By the way, you'll probably have to make your own wings.  Or, depending on how big of a bee you're making, you can just go outside and find leaves!  Have fun!!

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