Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Shower

Just a quick post. I did this table for a good friend of mine for her baby shower.  I really enjoyed creating this table.  Inspiration for this actually came last minute!  I was at Homegoods store looking for a square cake pedestal. Of course, at Homegoods, you just can't look at one area. So I ended up being in the kids section.  Then I saw those bamboo wooden toys--the airplane and the race car.  The colors match with the shower color theme.  So I just had to get it! Then I thought, well what else can I put on the table?  I saw those old fashioned kid's suitcases and thought it was a perfect place to put the macarons! But of course they only had purple and pink at the store. Wouldn't exactly work for a boy baby shower. Then I remembered I had a couple at home that I can use. Whew! And of course, gotta have the teddy bear for an added touch ;)  By the way, I apologize to those people who saw me at  Homegoods last friday afternoon.  Yes, I was that crazy lady in the aisle by the boys section setting a cake pedestal, suitcases, toys, and a basket on the floor and staring at it for at least 10 minutes!  I needed to visualize my table setting!

 I didn't make a lot since there was a cake.  On the left are cake pops, on the right are macarons.

 I just love that airplane!

 Don't want to brag, but I really love this set up :)

 Heart cake pops.  Somehow, I had a hard time getting this thing done.  While dipping them in the candy coating, the cake just kept falling off the stick! I was gonna use a diaper caddy to put the cake pops in, but I couldn't find a nice one when I was at Homegoods and I didn't get any chance to check out other stores.  I thought this worked anyway.

Last but not least, the cake.  With the trendy chevron pattern.  Since the top tier was only a 6" cake, I couldn't quite fit the name on a straight line.  So I had to alternate putting some letters in the front and back. Maybe I should have made the letters smaller.  Decorations were made of modeling chocolate. That flower by the way, probably doesn't really resemble any real flower.  I just made that up.  You can't really see it, but the petals were actually heart shaped.  I purposely did that because part of the theme of the shower was heart.


  1. the most delicious cake I've EVER eaten. YUMMY!! I've never felt so lucky to be katy's friend ;)

  2. Great pix! My personal fave was the cake pops. And let me tell you, I don't even like cake all that much. I had more of those little hearts than I care to admit. You are so talented!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked the cake pops :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Julie! Nice of you to say that :)