Friday, May 4, 2012

Baking for the Girl Scouts

This has been the busiest (baking) week I've ever had. I was asked if I would like to donate to the Girl Scouts for their father-daughter dance.  So I did.  I baked. And I baked. And I baked. About 400 items for the girls! After hours and hours of baking and sleeping for only 3 hrs each night (for 2 days in a row) and turning my tiny kitchen and the rest of the house into a zoo (yup, there are still dishes in the sink), I'm glad it's over. This is my first time ever setting up a dessert table for somebody other than my friends and family.  I'm still learning a lot. I look at the pictures now and I could think of a million things that I could have done instead.  But oh well, it's done. I did it.  I learned. I want to thank Amy Atlas and Martha Stewart for all the inspiration!
The theme was Candyland so I used  a lot of bright colors.

It doesn't look much, there are really just 5 items: cake pops, meringue, brownies, cupcakes and the cake. The rest of them are tucked underneath the table for refills.

I think the cake got a little too high.  Almost not proportional.  Oh well, next time I know what to do better.

These are the brownies. I love those Wilton sugar sheets! You can just stick it on top of anything! Cut the brownies, cut the sheet to fit the brownies, then brush on a little bit of corn syrup on top of the brownies then stick the sheets. Love the pattern on the middle.

These are citrus meringues. Sorry the flash didn't go off, picture is a little dark. Thank you Martha Stewart for the recipe! They're really good!

A view with the cake pops. I was in a rush, totally forgot to find a container for them!  The glasses worked ok though.

Now how cute are those cups? They're Wilton brand and I found them at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  They came in yellow and 4th of July themed prints.  I wish there were more prints.  I know I've seen different colors in the internet but these were the only ones they have.  They're actually nut cups but worked with the cupcakes as well.  Less clean up too because you don't need to use a muffin pan, just set it on a cookie/baking sheet.

The cake.  I've never done a square cake before.  I was originally planning on making the ruffles using a fondant but just didn't have much time. So I used buttercream on this instead and used the same piping tip for making roses (sorry can't remember the tip #, I'll get that to you next time).  It still gave that "ruffle" effect. 

By the way, the cupcake and cake stand was made by husband dear.  Glad to have a handy husband!

I sure do hope the girls and their dads liked the goodies!


  1. Love the cups for cupcakes...great idea :) Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks Michelle! Yeah, aren't they awesome? They also come in a bigger size by the way. That one I uses was about 2 ounce I think. I'll let you know if I find other colors in the stores in the area :)