Saturday, June 16, 2012

Missing the beach

Creating this cake made me wish I was in the beach! This was really fun to make, especially that it is my own cake design (I was given inspirations by the customer to get an idea of what they like). This is also the first time that I've used a doll on a cake. Actually this one was just a torso, not a full body! My kids helped me a little bit in making this too, as you will see in the pictures below :)

This is for a 5th birthday party. The skirt is a cake.  Flowers, starfish, and the shell with pearl are made of gum paste. Since the party is going to be outdoors and it's going to be quite warm today, I didn't want to use modeling chocolate since it will melt in a few minutes!  It's been a while since I've used gum paste and I almost forgot how fun it is play with.

The starfish.  So fun making the details on this thing.  The surrounding shells are actually from Wegmans, and they're chocolate shells!  These won't melt easily though because they are coated, kinda like the m&m's

Hibiscus flowers.  Reminds me of home (I grew up in the Philippines).

More flowers

My daughter, Izzie, helping with the starfish.  I asked to help me "paint" them. They actually just brushed on edible dust on the starfish. Since the gum paste is all dried up, it can be easily handled by a child.  Things for kids to do to keep them occupied while I baked the cake.

And this is my son, Logan.  Also painting.  See his missing front tooth?  It's the 5th one that he lost and the tooth next to it is also wiggly right now.

Yup, my cheap laborers! Hahaha...just kidding :)  Who knows, one of them might become a baker too someday.

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